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Singapore Zoo: Ultimate Paradise for Animal Lovers


Now you might think, what is so special about Singapore Zoo. There are zoos almost everywhere in every city but what makes this one unique?

At a Glance

Well, even if you have been to many zoos, you ought to visit this one! Very ornamentally designed, this zoo is not a place where animals are captivated and confined in smaller habitats. Instead, the animals live free in their natural habitats. The walking trails lead you to very exciting corners of the zoo where you can find different animals enjoying their day. You can also hop on to a guided tram if you are a bit tired and need to enjoy the view while sitting and relaxing in the tram.

The animals stay across 11 zones, each of which is very unique with very distinctive landscapes. As you wander around, you can see flying foxes, proboscis monkeys jumping from one end to the other. Some of the highlights of the zoo were the elephant show, tiger feeding, splash safari, orangutans, polar bear and other arctic inhabitants.

Cotton Top Tamarin Enjoying a Lovely Day

I truly enjoyed the elephant show as the elephants were so happy that you can sense their happiness from a distance! May be I never noticed it before, but these elephants naturally had a smiling face. They were rewarded with fruits when requested to perform tricks. If they didn’t want to, they didn’t have to.

Do Not Miss this Elephant Feeding Session While You are at the Zoo!

Splash Safari (a seal lion show) was extremely entertaining too! If you truly want to enjoy the show, then sit in the first 2 rows of the arena and be prepared to be rewarded by the sea lion with splashes of water. Be careful with your cameras as it can wet your equipment. The expressions on the sea lion’s face were absolutely priceless and I just couldn’t stop laughing.

This Sea Lion is Adorable and its Expressions are Priceless!

The Polar bear in Singapore zoo is the first Polar bear in the world, which is born and bred outside the Arctic Circle. It is an absolute beauty and a must watch. The bear swims so effortlessly and looks magnanimous in water. When it wants to relax, it comes back to its den.The orangutans are so adorable! I really wanted to hug them tight. They are so cheerful and gorgeous animals. You also have a choice to enjoy Jungle breakfast with your family with the orangutans at An Meng Restaurant. Find out more here.

5 Orangutans!

Next you enter into the zone where you can see rhinos, zebras and giraffes slowly strolling in their naturalistic habitats. I have never seen animals this close.

Also, do not miss the white tiger feeding session for anything. This is a spectacular feeding session and you can see the majestic tiger ferociously walking as he is fed with fresh.

The Royalty of the White Tiger

It’s a great place for families and I will definitely go there again. The zoo can take anywhere from 4 hours to 7 hours as there are various feeding sessions and shows sporadically placed across the day.

Lemur, a primate at the Singapore Zoo

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