Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix 2016

Every year right after mid-autumn festival in August, the city turns into a magical stream of street lights that cannot be ignored! Yes, we were all gearing up for the much awaited Formula 1 Grand Prix 2016.                                                dsc_0759Despite being in Singapore for over 2 years, I missed this chance every time. I had never been to an F1 race before and I wanted to see the race with my husband. This year, we were too busy to think about booking our tickets for F1. I wished I could go for the race and was dejected for not being able to go. Guess what! I think my stars were in the right place on that day. One of our friends offered to pick the Bay Grandstand tickets for us. I did not know my wish would come true so fast. Had I known, I would have prayed to become a millionaire! Haha!!                                                       dsc_0764With just 2 hours remaining, I couldn’t concentrate on anything but the race. I swallowed my dinner as I didn’t want to miss any aspect of the F1 experience. Singapore being Singapore, all arrangements are always very seamless with minimal queues. I love how they manage events and are able to organize the chaos. 🙂                                                               dsc_1018And without even realizing, the moment had arrived! My jaws dropped when I saw these really hot F1 cars accelerating from 0 to 300 Km/hr in less than 8 seconds. The surround sound of the engines pumped so much adrenaline that the crowd went wild. Even with my eyes fixed on the track, 61 laps passed at a lightning speed in 90 mins.                                         dsc_0111Whether it was Mercedes, Renault Sport or Ferrari, I was yearning to take a picture by the side of these dashing vehicles! The race started with practically 21 cars as Nico Hulkenberg crashed right at the start of the race, leading the safety car to make its appearance in the first lap. The entire race saw a stunning and consistent performance by Nico Rosberg, who was chased closely by Daniel Ricciardo.                                   dsc_0180The most exciting part of the race was towards the far end where Rosberg’s lead was being consistently reduced by Ricciardo marvelous driving. Had it been two more laps, the outcome of the race might have been very different. In the end Rosberg stood first, followed by Ricciardo and Hamilton. These F1 cars are an engineering marvel and a car’s performance is not a one man show. It is the entire team of people who make this race a success! dsc_0007Whether it is the engineers working at the backstage to analyze the sensor data or the team who is at the pit-stop, everyone has a laser sharp focus. It was simply outstanding to see how the car was getting serviced at the pit-stop in less than 4 seconds.                               dsc_0107It was such a beauty! After this mind blowing evening, the fun doesn’t end! Yes, you are right! Every day the Padang Stage was lit to happiness & joy by the performances of renowned singers! Kyle Minogue, Adam Lambert & Imagine Dragons set the stage on fire! The performances happened in an open ground and were swarmed with fans! Some enjoyed drinking and dancing while some relaxed in the gardens. It was a phenomenal experience and I just cannot wait for the next F1 race in Singapore!                                dsc_0285

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