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Celebrate Festivity of Ramadan & Hari Raya in Singapore

Eid- al- Fitr also called Hari Raya, is a festival celebrated by the Muslims marking the end of Ramadan, a 29 or 30 day dawn to dusk fasting. This is done to commemorate the elevation of the Quran to Muhammad. During this fasting time, Muslims do not take any food or water during the day time. Food and drinks are consumed before the sunrise (Suhoor) and after the sunset (Iftar).

There are a lot of night markets that are setup for the month of Ramadan to support the fasting and celebrate the festival. Great food, nice music and lit up surroundings add up to make it a perfect place for you to spend your evening. I was lucky to visit two such markets. The first was in Hyderabad, India a couple of years back. Hyderabad is known as the city of Nizams and 30% residents there are Muslims. The entire city comes to life during this festive time.                                          The second was Geylang Serai market in Singapore. Here in Singapore, 15% of the residents are Muslims. Ramadan and Eid- al Fitr/Hari Raya are celebrated with full pomp and show. I have been wanting to visit this market for the last couple of weeks since it was setup and finally we made it yesterday.

A Flower Shop at the Geylang Sarai Market. Love Those Huge Sunflowers

The entire area (including the streets) was radiating and lit up with lights and decorations. The most fascinating aspects of the market was the people! Shop owners and visitors from all race, caste and creed were enjoying the festivity and this was so evident in their smiles!

A Shop Owner Enjoying Cooking at Geylang Serai
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Two prominent aspects of the Ismalic culture are lamps and carpets. A lot of shops have been setup here selling such creative art works made by artists around the world.

Beautiful lamps at the Geylang Serai Market
Carpet Shops at Geylang Serai

If you are a foodie, then there can be no better place than this for you to try some local delicacies! With plethora of shops selling multiple options, you are sure to please your taste buds!

One of the numerous food stalls at Geylang Sarai

From the Geylang Serai market, we visited the Malay Heritage Centre and the Sultan Mosque. This area is also full of life from 2 PM to 11 PM these days with live music, lots of shops and phenomenal eating options. Sultan Mosque is very intriguing and has a very fascinating story behind its construction. I will talk about it in a separate post.

Malay Heritage Centre
Live Music and Laloolang Market at Malay Heritage Centre

Do visit the Geylang Serai market and the Malay Heritage Centre this Ramadan! I guarantee that this will be an experience that you will cherish and you will want to go back again!

Turkish Lamps Shop During Ramadan. Checkout the candle holders. Super AWESOME!

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