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Antarctica Expedition: Our Next BIG Adventure!

As a child, reading about Antarctica and then dreaming about how it would be, gave me goosebumps. I wondered what kind of life existed there and how splendid and raw the nature would be in this greatest wilderness of the planet.

The sequence of events over the last 18 years turned out so that finally I am getting to realize my dream to see the South Pole and get first-hand experience the effects of climate change through the ClimateForce Antarctica Expedition.

I will be venturing on this expedition to Antarctica along with 80 other explorers selected from all over the world, under the leadership of Sir Robert Swan. Through the expedition we will be studying the impact of climate change on the most pristine continent and surviving through sustainable means. Post the expedition, I will work with communities and schools to inspire the youth to DREAM BIG and fight climate change.

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About 2041 & ClimateForce Antarctica Expedition 2018

2041 Foundation was founded by the polar explorer & environmental leader Robert Swan, the first person to walk to both the North and South Poles and United Nations Goodwill Ambassador for youth. The mission of 2041 is to inspire next generation of leaders to promote a sustainable future.

Through ‘Leadership on the Edge program,’ this Foundation aims to create a movement of energy/climate champions which is called ClimateForce and the voyage is called ‘ClimateForce: Antarctica 2018.’

Why Antarctica is Central in the Fight Against Climate Change?

Antarctica has pristine snow-covered landscapes. Largely uninhabited, it contains a variety of rare wildlife, and affects temperature and the ocean systems all over the world. Global warming is already having an impact on Antarctica. There have been signs of melting ice, rising sea levels & icebergs breaking off the Antarctic mainland as recent as Jul 2017.

Such disintegrating ice sheets, could have untold effects starting with rapid rise of sea levels. This could result in flooding of major coastal cities & mass displacement of human settlements across the globe.

Why Should We Care?

As I learn more about climate change, I believe it is the most important issue facing mankind today and a major threat to all species on Earth. Not much is done about it as it does not impact our everyday lives yet. We can each do our part to reduce the long term effects of climate change, by taking action within our own lives and supporting wider efforts in our community.

What do I Aspire to do After the Expedition?

Post expedition, I will use my learning to amplify the message of sustainability as a reality for everyone.

How Can You Support?

Whether you are an individual or an organization, there are many ways you can contribute to this cause.

If you feel your company/organization, would be keen to support this expedition, below are some of the avenues where I can drive value for you:

I look forward to giving my bit back to the nature by learning and propagating about the message of Climate Change! Let’s save our Mother Earth!


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