3 Days Itinerary for London

London has certainly one of the best city experience to offer. With so many diverse activities/ places, it is a destination that can please almost everyone. The energy and the enthusiasm of the city is extremely infectious! I spent three action packed days in London and am writing about my experiences.


  •  Day 1: Buckingham Palace>> Reagent’s Park>> Sherlock Holmes Museum >> England vs Nigeria (Wembley Park)>> The Harry Potter Shop (King’s Cross Station)
  • Day 2: Tower of London>> Tower Bridge>> Lord’s Cricket Ground>> The Lion King Show
  • Day 3: Westminster’s Abbey>> Westminster’s Palace>> Big Ben>> London Eye>> Trafalgar Square >> National Gallery of Arts
  • Commuting: Tube is the best way to commute in the city. The tube card can be made at any Tube station. Alternatively you can use your credit card directly instead of getting a new tube card.
  • Other Tips: Wear comfortable shoes as you will have to walk a lot. Wear a sun screen

I started my day by visiting the Buckingham Palace. To reach the palace, you need walk through the Green Park, a short walk but certainly a refreshing one with all the greenery around you. As I walked closer to the palace, I could feel the vibes of royalty in the atmosphere by seeing the royal guards, horses and processions. Queen’s birthday was 1 week away and the dry run for the parade was in progress. An incredible sight indeed!

The Buckingham Palace!
Royal Guards during a dry run for the official Parade!

During the winter’s, The Queen does not live in London and some parts of the Buckingham palace are open for visitors to see.

After spending a couple of hours here, while enjoying the beautiful weather, I took the tube to The Reagent’s Park. A massive green garden with lots of open space for people to enjoy a beautiful morning. It was great to see kids playing baseball, pets running around and everyone having a great time!

Water fountains at The Reagents Park
Beautiful gardens at The Reagent’s Park!

Being a Sherlock Holmes fan, there is nothing that can please you more but 221B Baker Street! The place well known to all of us who have read each of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s work. The Museum is the home to the great detective Sherlock Holmes and embodies the minutest details described in the books and movies.

221B Baker Street: Sherlock Holmes’ Study @ Sherlock Holmes’ Museum

That same day, I realized that there was England vs Nigeria Football match at the Wembley Park. We were lucky enough to get the tickets last minute! This was the first football match that I had ever seen in the stadium and the atmosphere was absolutely electrifying. I highly recommend you to book a match if possible even if you are not a football fan. The tickets can be bought online or from some of the city shops.

England vs Nigeria Friendly Match: A warm up for the World Cup Russia 2018 

After the match, I made a quick stop at the King’s Cross Station where The Harry Potter Shop is located at Platform 9 3/4. 🙂

Next morning I started my day by visiting Tower of London. It’s a historic fort which used to be the royal prison for the most prestigious and royal people who were convicted for felony. Many convicts were executed over a period of few centuries at Tower Hill, right in from of the Tower of London. The most royal convicts were executed inside the Tower of London. The tickets for the visit are available right outside the Tower of London and include a free tour by the Beefeaters who are the Yeomen Warders of Her Majesty’s Royal Palace and Fortress the Tower of London.

The Gardens Outside Tower of London

The Tower of London also houses the ‘Crown Jewels’, the actual royal crowns of different Kings and Queens from the past 5 centuries. One can witness some of the most prestigious gems and jewels including the Kohinoor (105 carats) and two other possibly the largest diamonds ever (300 carats and 560 carat).

Royal Guards guarding the Crown Jewels!

The Tower Bridge, right outside the Tower of London, is a magnificent piece of architecture and a nice place to enjoy the London Sunshine with family and food.

The Tower Bridge!

I am a cricket buff, and nothing pleased me more than my next stop: The Tour of the Lord’s Cricket Ground. The Tour can be booked online using this link. This guided tour gives an opportunity to hear the ancient tales of cricket and see the historic museum with the Original Ashes Urn, Prudential cup. This is followed by a tour of the entire ground including the Pavilion (if a match is not in progress). Luckily that day, an English County Club match was in progress so, after the tour, I got to see the match (tour ticket includes match ticket).

A Cricket Match at Lords Cricket Ground

I ended my day by watching the most famous Musical Show in the world: The Lion King. The live show, exhibits the entire story of the movie lion king by bringing all characters to life! Words can do little justice to tell the magnificence of the characters, visual effects and music. I actually felt that I was living in the tale. Overall a highly recommended show esp. if you have not experienced a musical show earlier.

The next day was my last day in London. I visited The Westminster’s abbey (where Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation was conducted) and the Westminster’s Palace. Unfortunately, both were closed for visiting from inside due to a private event. On usual days, Westminster’s Abbey can be visited from 9 AM to 3 PM on weekdays and 9 AM to 12 Noon on weekends. Please note that Big Ben is under restoration.

The Westminster’s Palace with Big Ben (under restoration) in the background

If time permits, I will also recommend to cross the London Bridge to go to the London Eye. Majestic views of the entire city can be seen from top on the London Eye.

London Eye as seen from the London Bridge!

My last visit before I boarded the plane for home, was to Trafalgar Square and National Gallery of Arts. It was a Friday evening and the atmosphere was extremely happening, with street artists engaging the crowd (beautiful London sunshine, cool breeze, live music, street artists painting). It was an amazing experience and I spend a couple of hours just walking around.

Trafalgar Square

Then I visited the National Gallery of Arts which has a great collection of pre-historic paintings by the most renowned European Artists. If you love paintings and history, I would highly recommend to visit here. The entry to the gallery is free.

The outside view of National Gallery of Arts @ Trafalgar Square!

After spending an amazing 3 days in London, it was time to bid goodbye to the city! London, your energy and enthusiasm will be missed!

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