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Dalgona Coffee

We love our coffee and we like experimenting with all kinds of coffee: hot/cold, black/blended etc etc. That whole feeling of sitting in the balcony with a cup of coffee and having the love of your life sitting by your side is absolutely priceless.

Dalgona coffee is making waves on internet due to a new evolving concept of virtual coffee. Having tried one ourselves, it is extremely easy to make, delicious and can add a tinge of happiness to your virtual conversations. 🙂

Interesting fact about Dalgona coffee is that it originated in India as whisked coffee and made popular by South Korea.

All you need is the following:

Ingredients (Serves 2)


Anything can happen over a cup of coffee. 😉

I always believe that any dish is made from the heart rather than a recipe. So please try variants of this as it appeals to you! And please share the variants with us in the comments below!



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