Banana Smoothie with Almonds

Bananas are one of the most versatile fruits that can be the greatest substitute to sugar in many recipes. We have found many variants of using Bananas in variety of dishes including smoothies, pancakes, cakes and ice-creams. For anyone who craves for sugar and is looking for healthier option, bananas have to become your best friend.

A bit more about the ingredients

  • Bananas are considered to be a natural sugar candy. They are a rich source of Vitamin B-6 and C, dietary fiber, potassium and magnesium.

Ingredients (Serves 2)

  • Banana: 4 (fully ripe, medium sized)
  • Milk: 3 cups
  • Almonds: 8 (crushed)
  • Honey or maple syrup: Optional (to taste). This will increase the calorie content of the smoothie

Process (5 minutes)

  • Peel the bananas and mix in the mixer with crushed almonds.
  • Add 1/2 cup milk to the mixer and continue mixing till you can see a uniform mixture
  • Add rest of the milk and honey (optional) and mix once again
  • Serve cold and enjoy!

I always believe that any dish is made with love from your heart rather than a recipe. So please try variants of this as it appeals to you! We are excited to learn about the variants. Please share with us in the comments below!

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