We call ourselves “The Jolly Jains.”

While we have been married for about 3 years now, we have been exploring the world together for the last 10 years since our undergrad days.                                             IMG_5084

Who we were?

Most of the vacations we did early on in our lives were meticulously planned to the detail. Some were planned to an extent that we paid premium to the travel agencies to give us the itinerary and arrange for hotels.

What changed?

Our outlook towards travel changed during our Andaman & Nicobar Islands, India trip in March 2013 when we met 65+ aged British couple on the cruise during our return journey.dsc_0201

During our conversation with the couple we understood that this was their 7th trip to India and they visited Khajuraho and Hampi prior to coming to Andamans. What was shocking was that while planning vacations, they just book the to and fro flight tickets to the destination country and that’s it! The lady had a hearty laugh looking at our expression but she said one priceless thing which we will always remember,”When you plan every step, it takes the thrill away and leads to disappointment. You will either feel that your stay is too short in a destination you love or you will be forced to stay at a place which you are not enjoying just because your tickets, hotels, itineraries are fixed.

Who we are?

This 10 mins conversation on the cruise transformed how we look at vacations now. Since then we have been to over 36 destinations; each experience being very unique and different. Our vacation is about getting out of our comfort zones and accepting the unexpected. It is about the feeling of victory: Yes I did it! It is about appreciating what you have and others don’t. It is about acknowledging your unconscious biases about other cultures. It is about experiencing life contrary to your own lifestyle. It is about taking genuine interest in the people and being curious. It is about everything that we forget on a day to day basis.                                        IMG_4155We live through the entire journey of our vacation and now want to capture these beautiful moments in the form of a blog which can benefit wider audience.

We hope that our blog sparks the excitement for your next awaiting vacation with your loved ones! Enjoy reading. Please feel free to add your comments and insights to help other travelers make their trips truly memorable.

Note: All pictures on this blog are taken by the Jolly Jains and are protected by copyright.

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Saint Augustine