How to Raise Money Through Crowdsourcing

Here is how you raise money for travel and expeditions

Antarctica Expedition: Visit To The White Continent

Explore what Antarctica has in store for you.

What I Learnt From Nature in Antarctica

After months of speculation since my selection for ClimateForce Antarctica Expedition 2018, it finally became a reality on Feb 28th when we set sail for Antarctica. I had goosebumps thinking about what is ahead of me: extraordinary marine and ocean life, song and dance of the Drake, magnificent but dangerous icebergs and endless view of…

Antarctica Expedition: Our Next BIG Adventure!

As a child, reading about Antarctica and then dreaming about how it would be, gave me goosebumps. I wondered what kind of life existed there and how splendid and raw the nature would be in this greatest wilderness of the planet. The sequence of events over the last 18 years turned out so that finally…