It’s the Journey that’s Important…

Life is but an unspeakable journey
With each turn a new one
At times the destination is known
Other times wandering aimlessly on life’s road
But somehow it leads us where we need to be
And I always question
“Is it the journey that’s important,
or getting there?”

Ups and down, twist and turns
Mountains and valleys, bumps and holes
Life’s road is like a blank map
I am trying to lead
Knowing often I came from
Going somewhere I wish to be
Leaving questions to ponder
Will I reach where I want to be?
“Is it the journey that’s important,
or getting there?”

Though we all have an outlandish destination
Yet we share journey at some point
Often like a ride in the common bus
The joy we have in the ride
makes us forget the destination
once held so close to our heart and
wishing the journey never ends
And I slowly understand
“It the journey that’s important, not getting there!”

By Ankita Sethi

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