We never thought we would add a section on cuisines on our blog!

After my acute sepsis medical scare in Oct’19, Akshat and I didn’t plan any travel for some time. Given both of us love culture and travel so much, it was really hard to just stay at home. We planned to take our much deserved break for 2.5 weeks in Spain and Portugal in March’20. It was also Akshat’s birthday, and I was dreaming about beaches and churches, and all the craziness during our holidays.

Our plans went bust with the increasing number of COVID 19 cases around the globe, and it was absolutely disheartening to make cancellations for all our reservations just 10 days before the trip. In hindsight, with Spain being the 2nd most COVID hit countries in the world, we made the right choice and are happy to be staying at our home sweet home.

Being in Singapore, we have been experiencing the COVID situation since January so it was about time that we accepted the situation and made the most out of it. Amongst the many things that we are experimenting with, to make our lives entertaining and fun filled, we chose to virtually travel the world by exploring new cuisines and learning about them. It is incredible to feel that we can change any constraint into an opportunity to create something new and refreshing.

This unique situation inspired us to create a section on cuisines. We are humbled to share that we use only natural ingredients and no canned ingredients to keep our recipes super healthy and refreshing. We are also vegetarians so you will find a lot of dishes which are filled with greens and might support your weight loss regime and nutritional requirements as a part of balanced diet.

Hope you enjoy them!

Do send us your feedback if you tried any of these and/or made modifications to make them more appetizing!