A Complete Guide To Auckland for 3 Days

New Zealand (NZ) is a living nature museum with lots of adventure sports in the heart of it. I haven’t met anyone yet who said they have seen all of what NZ has to offer! It’s a pity that this beautiful country is so far away that for me it will be once in a…

Christchurch: Cozy Guesthouse, Newly Built

After a really long and fulfilling trip in New Zealand, we finally reached Christchurch. I was disheartened to see what was left behind of the city after the devastation caused by the earthquakes. At Christchurch, we saw Sign of the Takahe & Cardboard Cathedral. Quake City was under renovation but I highly recommend a visit if…

Self Guided 10 Days Itinerary for New Zealand

Even before I start, I must admit that I am a big fan of “Lord of the Rings”. I have read the book 2 times and have seen the  entire series of movies about 36 times (the last time was right before going to New Zealand). It had been my dream to visit the vibrant…

Te Anau: Te Waka Lodge Review

The townships of Te Anau & Manapouri are the gateways to the Fiordland National Park – the largest out of the 14 National Parks in New Zealand. No trip to New Zealand is complete without a visit to the Fiords.  Spending 2 nights in the mouth of this renowned National Park can introduce you to…

3 Days Itinerary for Phi Phi Islands

Immerse yourself in the heavenly landscapes, meet adorable people, eat delicious local food and enjoy relaxing Thai massage.

Celebrate Festivity of Ramadan & Hari Raya in Singapore

Eid- al- Fitr also called Hari Raya, is a festival celebrated by the Muslims marking the end of Ramadan, a 29 or 30 day dawn to dusk fasting. This is done to commemorate the elevation of the Quran to Muhammad. During this fasting time, Muslims do not take any food or water during the day time….

$50 Day Trip in Sydney

Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair, Sydney Town Hall, Hyde Park, Sydney Tower & Seagulls at Manly beach awaits you! Check out the things to do in Sydney!