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Thank you for reaching out to Jolly Jains. We are so excited to partner with you and explore how we can collaborate together!

We work full-time in high tech industry and use our bonuses to travel round the year. A great combination of frugal and luxury trips depending on the mood and destination inspires us to plan our trips meticulously!

We believe in creating value added content with vivid photography (Nikon d5200..proudly called as Jolly Kitten) and enchanting videography (DJI Mavic Pro.. it likes to be called as Jolly Eagle)  that inspires people to explore this beautiful world through our eyes. We have worked on various projects such as creating 90 seconds movie, surveys, guest posts, review and content promotion through blog posts , Instagram, Facebook etc.

If you would like to partner with us to promote your brand/hotel/travel destination, drop us an email below.

Jolly Jains @ travelpinsonmap would love to hear from you.