Switzerland: 3 Days Itinerary & More

Spell-bounded by its beauty, Switzerland is by the far the most heavenly place on earth. The true beauty of Switzerland lies in the hearts of villages, mountains, valleys and splendid walking trails. Everywhere you look is a picture postcard. If we were to retire anywhere in the world, it will be in Switzerland!

Glimpse of Our Trip

  • We visited Switzerland in early July. July – August & December-April are the peak seasons attracting tourists in high densities.
  • The Swiss Train pass comes with unlimited rides. We loved hopping in and hopping off the Swiss Train to stop and admire the glorious villages.We felt we were in a fairyland. Everything looking so magnificent including the cattle eating the grass. We highly recommend to keep some white spaces in your trip so you can enjoy this experience.
  • The tour-map
    • Day 1: Interlaken> Lauterbrunnen> Murren Village (Schilthorn)
    • Day 2: Interlaken> Grindelwald> Jungfraujoch
    • Day 3: Interlaken> Gornergrat (Zermatt)

Before we get into the details of the itinerary, here are the Go Do’s before your Swiss trip.

Here are the five Things you must do before your Swizz trip.

Re-living Experiences: Food, Vacationing, Photography & More

Day 1: Interlaken> Lauterbrunnen> Murren Village

Getting around in Switzerland became very easy with the Swiss Pass.

On our first day of the trip, we went to Lauterbrunnen Valley Waterfalls. This valley provides continuous waterfall views and some are just stone-throw away!! Most waterfalls are high on the mountain faces making it very scenic and breathtaking. The highlight of Lauterbrunnen is Trammebach waterfalls which is hidden in the mountains. Yes! It is hidden. It is magnanimous and you cannot imagine its size unless you go into the mountains. The Trümmelbach Falls are the world’s only glacier waterfalls that are accessible underground by lift, galleries, tunnels, paths and platforms. The water comes down about 10,000 ft. through crevasses in the granite walls of the valley. While the falls are amazing, the walk down the steps on the other side of the falls is truly amazing. It is definitely worth your time.

After spending a few hours at Lauterbrunnen, we then decided to go to Schilthorn. To get to the Schilthorn from the valley floor, series of cable cars must be taken either via Gimmelwald  or via Lauterbrunnen to enter into Murren. From Murren another cable car is taken to Birg, which is the final change before the Schilthorn. This cable airway is the longest and was the most technically challenging airway to be built. Unfortunately, since it was very cloudy and drizzling, we couldn’t head towards Schilthorn. Instead, we spent few hours in Murren.

We were awed by the beauty of this village. It was a stunning sight with lush green hills, colorful flowers in the gardens and small wooden huts; something we could only imagine until it became a reality here. The icing on the cake was the drizzle that made the weather very very romantic!

We came back to Interlaken retracing the same path and walked around the town. We saw Interlaken Castle and a few churches while enjoying the serenity of the town.

Day 2: Interlaken> Grindelwald> Jungfraujoch

We were all set to go to Jungfrau. Despite the weather being cloudy, we still decided to go since we had booked the tickets online. If you are travelling from Interlaken, you have to change the train from Grindelwald. While the feeling of being at the top was amazing, we couldn’t see the glaciers as the visibility was very low. We strongly recommend to NOT book the tickets in advance for any of the peaks as the weather is quite unpredictable. You can get the tickets easily and you can decide to go on a clear day preferably in the morning to get the most out of the experience. If you have a Swiss pass you can buy tickets to Jungfrau on a discounted rate. There are many restaurants at Jungfrau, so you need not stuff you bag with food. The trip is expensive but it is totally worth it!

On our way back, we spent some time in Grindelwald walking around and talking to the locals. The locals speak a mix of German, French, Italian and English. English is used to bridge the communication gap. However, you wouldn’t find language as a barrier in Switzerland. It’s a smooth ride.

Day 3: Interlaken> Gornergrat (Zermatt)

Since we couldn’t enjoy the views in Jungfrau, we were brave to give another shot at Gornergrat. Gornergrat is about 10,132 Feet above sea level. It was a sunny day and we got spectacular views of the whole area; especially the Matterhorn.

View at Gornergrat
Enjoying the Snow

While we feel our trip was short, it is truly memorable. We covered the area that lies towards south of Interlaken. The other option is to go north towards Mt. Titlis. If you are keen to see the mountains and villages in the north, we will recommend you to stay in Lucerne since that is closer and would save a lot of your travel time.

Have lots of fun and countless experiences… Here is when we leave you with a final thought:


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